We provide
Passive Infrastructure Sharing Solutions
that drive your signal beyond the limits.


What we Provide

  • Experienced Team

    Infrashare's Team has a deep experience in the telecommunication industry and especially in Network Roll Out, Operations & maintenance. All managers have international experience coupled with more than 15 years experience in Algeria. They have deployed more than 10,000 sites from which 2,000 in Algeria.

  • Full Country Coverage

    Infrashare relies on 3 offices (Algiers, Constantine, Oran) covering the full regions of Algeria. We are able to guarantee fast Network Roll Out, space arrangement, and maximum uptime for your signal.

  • Fully dedicated 24/7 customer support

    Infrashare aims to deliver the best to its clients. We monitor our installations remotely and are able to intervene on site 24/7 anywhere in the country. We also have dedicated managers for each client on a day to day basis.

Our Core services

We Lease Telecom Passive Infrastructure to Mobile Operators, Broadband Providers, Security Services, and to all companies that needs to carry communications from point-to-point...

Build to Suit

Our Team offers customized Build-to-Suit programs (Turn-key) where satisfying the network requirements and deployment needs of operators comes first. We have a huge experience in deploying sites around the country and have a ready to start expert team. No CAPEX required from your side, customized sites ready to install active equipment in the location you will decide.


We make available to our customers space and services on an existing tower to a mobile service provider who needs point-to-point secure communication. Feel free to check with us the possibilities and available spaces we offer over the country and whatever is the location. Collocation gives you the benefit to be ready to get your equipments on air in a record time with 0 CAPEX.

Buy & Lease-Back

We buy network operator's towers and lease space, and provide services back to them. This frees up their capital and allow them to expand their network quickly.

Mobile Stations

Infrashare can provide temporary coverage solutions on a leased basis. Mobiles stations are among the most used in the world in terms of covering an area for one day, 1 week, 1 month, or more. We have specific solutions that fits any environment and location.

Camouflage Solutions

Infrashare is able to propose to its clients any camouflage solution on specific locations required by them on ongoing Build to Suit Projects. Operators are some times facing dilemna betwenn covering an area which is located in some historical places, beaches, ..., that requires specific attention given to aesthetic. Infrashare has the solution for any type of location.

Specific Demands

We provide our customer with temporary coverage solutions or any temporary reinforcement of their subscribers reach. We also adapt our roll out to the environment to make it non agressive and pleasant to the landscape.

Additional Services we offer

We will assign you a dedicated Manager which will work only as your relationship contact. They are here to understand your needs, customize our offer to them and provide you with the best services that perfectly fit your objectives.

Contact us...

"Far from the eyes, Far from the heart" This is not part of our policy. That's why we organize regular meeting with our clients in order to make sure that the client is satisfied and all goes well, but also to take quickly corrective actions in case of. These meetings are also an opportunity to check further needs and plan them accordingly.

As we have nothing to hide, and as our services are not just words, we invite all our clients to visit us at our offices and meet us. We have an open door policy that shows the clients how we work, and how secure is their signal.
Feel free to visit us anytime!